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Cactus Jack's Bar & Grill is all about being social!
When your not dining & drinking with us, you can still stay in the loop with
everything that's happening at Cactus Jack's.

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Who doesn't love a reason to celebrate turning a year wiser? Join our Birthday Club and receive a $50 Cactus Jack's Birthday Club voucher for use when you have your birthday party at Cactus Jack's on your birthday – every year! We will email your Birthday Club voucher 2-3 weeks before your special day so you can round up your friends in plenty of time. Join the Birthday Club at the bottom of this page.

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    1. The Birthday Club is for birthday parties! The Birthday Club voucher can only be used on the day of your birthday. You must also have a booking and at least 10 people in your party to redeem your voucher. So remember to book before your birthday!
    2. Your Birthday Club registration needs to be completed at least two weeks prior to your birthday in order for you to receive and redeem the voucher. So please don't forget to join in time!
    3. You must use a unique email address to join the Birthday Club (You can't use the same email address as someone else). Make sure you get the email address right!
    4. Be sure to mention that you have the voucher when you make the booking!
    5. The $50 Birthday Club voucher works like a regular $50 Cactus Jack's voucher, but may only be used on your birthday! You can only use one Birthday Club voucher on your birthday.
    6. You (the birthday girl or boy) must be present to redeem the Cactus Jack's birthday club voucher; it is non-transferable and is only valid in the year it was issued.
    7. Please bring your voucher and a valid form of DOB ID to confirm that it is your birthday as your Birthday Club party has to be on your birthday to redeem the voucher!
    8. If your birthday falls on a day the restaurant is closed, we would be happy to  accommodate you on either the previous or following day.
    9. You (the birthday boy or girl) have to be 18 years old or over to use the voucher.
    10. Cactus Jack's may change the Terms & Conditions and cancel Birthday Club memberships and vouchers at any time without notice; the revised Terms & Conditions will apply to all members of the Birthday Club. Cactus Jack's can change anything anytime!
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    While you can't live at Cactus Jack's (ok we've had a few people try – but seriously!) you can stay in the loop with all our latest news, offers and events.

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    We're always keen to improve how we're doing things around here, so if you have a suggestion to make Cactus Jack's better, fill in the following form and we will look to implement any necessary changes straight away! We also love to hear about your positive experience, so add staff names if you can so we can pass on your praise.

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